USSR 2012

In 2012 the USSR consisted of 17 soviet republics and a great number of autonomous SSRs. As a result of the 1962 war, and several further military operations, the USSR was expanded by adding the South-Azerbaijan SSR, Cataluña SSR, Aragon SSR, Castilla SSR, Eskimo SSR.

Army, MSS and Special Intelligence

Owing to the loss of a number of key industries, the Soviet armed forces in 2012 do not have aircrafts and large warships. The basis of the army consists of separate mechanized brigades, armed with heavy four-track T-12 tanks.

Science and Culture

Branches of science in the post-nuclear Soviet Union developed very unevenly as a result of large-scale war losses, and post-war disasters, adverse demographics and general underdevelopment of the modern economy in the living conditions when separated from each other enclaves.


Special research and experimental department TAFR (from Russian: Secrets of Physics belong to the Motherland!) was established in 1929 under the control of K.E. Voroshilov, Commissar of Soviet Navy, upon personal request of inventor L.V. Kurchevsky as a secret branch of OKB-1 GAU.

Saragossa Offensive Operation

The S-W Front, including the 4th Guard Tank Army, 18th Army and a number of separate detachments and formations was separated from the South Front, which held military operations in a wide area between Limoges and Montpellier. At the same time the troops of the North and Central Fronts on November 11, 1962 launched an offensive on Paris.