(army accepted as AT-82)

Caliber: 7.62 mm (9 mm)
Cartridge: 7.62×39 (9х39)
Weight, kg: 1,95
Feed System: detachable box magazine, 15 rounds
Length stock extended, mm: 655
Length stock folded, mm: 458
Barrel length, mm: 245
Firing rate: 700 rpm
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 715 (280)
Targetable range, m: 200

See ATC-85 specifications in brackets.

An experimental model of a 5.45 mm small-size assault rifle (indexed AO-46) was presented for testing by A.P. Tkachyov, a designer from TsNII Tochmash in 1966. It was designed as a personal defense weapon for the detachment personnel who are not involved in direct skirmish. But the review of the project was indefinitely postponed due to the fact that the client was not interested in a new fire arm at that time.

However it turned out that the armament of the aforementioned personnel, as well as civilians who had to work with a constant threat from anti-social elements and aggressive fauna, consisted of pistols and APS, and did not comply with the requirements of the new conditions.

As a result the Ministry of Defense of the USSR held a competition for development of a small-size, 7.62 mm assault rifle with the following key requirements: possibility of immediate fire on targets closer than 200 m; easier carrying size and reduced weight; service simplicity and maintainability.

The assault rifle developed by Tkachyov won the competition, remodeled for 7.62х39, and army accepted it as the AT-82

The Tkachyov assault rifle has the following unique features: – the cartridge box is located in the stock, – a unique barrel attachment with a volumetric extension chamber for gas exhaust, which was used as a flash hider. It also considerably decreased barrel pressure and corresponding noise that could harm the shooter’s hearing.

The assault rifle was given to the armed forces and several civil services. Within a short period of time it became very successful with Special Forces and MGB, where it was used as a backup weapon.

Due to this use it led to development of the ATC-85 mod with a built-in suppressor for a special cartridge 9х39 (SP-5 and SP-6), designed for special silent operations.