Army, MSS and Special Intelligence
(Extracts from the editorials of the newspaper "Pravda", dedicated to the 40th anniversary of FMDSI)

Owing to the loss of a number of key industries, the Soviet armed forces in 2012 do not have aircrafts and large warships. The basis of the army consists of separate mechanized brigades, armed with heavy four-track T-12 tanks ("Object 279"), T-100 medium tanks, SAM NH-4, BTR-152U and BTRS-2 Armored Personnel Carriers and other vehicles.

The most efficient units of the army are concentrated in Western Europe (Madrid Limited Group) and Central Asia (Turkestan Front).

Until the mid-1980s a third of all mechanized brigades were concentrated in the Moscow industrial region. However as the number, and level of equipment of special intelligence troops increased, the security functions against mutants and anti-revolutionary elements in the central regions were assigned to the MSS, the Ministry of State Security.

The MSS was formed in 1963 through a merger of the State Security, Internal Affairs and GDPS - General Department for the Protection of the military and state secrets under the Council of Ministers.

In the early postwar years the MSS performed traditional security services. However, with the emergence and expansion of areas with abnormal physical properties, and the spreading of dangerous mutants, a special department called FMDSI (First Main Department of Special Intelligence, or simply Special Intelligence) was created.

Special Intelligence performs specific functions at the junction of the operational investigation and applied science. The scientific tasks of Special Intelligence include detection, research and cataloging of the anomalous zones and their inhabitants. Operational and detective tasks include identifying habitats of the most dangerous groups of mutants, and their neutralization or elimination. These tasks are the responsibility of the First Division.

The FMDSI’s Second Division task is to find any benefits from the anomalous zones for the national economy. Employees of the Second Division seek so-called "anogens" (objects of anomalous origin), collect and the study their properties and determine the most useful ones.

In the unwritten "Table of Ranks," the Special Intelligence is regarded as one of the higher castes. There are movies, songs and novels about them. A Special Intelligence officer is a welcome groom for any Soviet bride.

Apart from Special Intelligence, the divers are involved in work in the anomalous zones. Their role has increased considerably since the Great Flood in 1969-1976. Some divers were Special Intelligence officers in the past, but most of these groups are civil, not related to the MSS. Divers and their work are also surrounded by a romantic gloss.