Giant Florozoid, also known as Giant Sundew, can be found on open ground practically everywhere in the former Moscow region.

These mutated plants are immobile, but they are known to feel other organic objects at a distance of up to 40 meters (130 ft). Having detected another living being a Florozoid starts to spit its spores it that direction.

This behavior cannot be considered purely aggressive because it also reproduces this way. A spore, flying almost at bullet speed, enters a victim’s body and starts to feed on it. The victim’s death upon a hit is not required for a successful reproduction, in fact a victim which survived the impact can potentially expand the Florozoid habitat.

Both single plants, and groups of Florozoids, can be encountered but they don’t seem to be able to share information and they act individually. It may not attack until it detects a target on its own even if another Florozoid spits its spores nearby.

Giant Florozoids are a serious threat to humans. Be careful if you hear a quiet, rhythmic tapping in the bushes, it’s likely that a Florozoid is ready to reproduce. Try not to help it do so.