Cheryomushki area and Dzerzhinsky railway station

One of the strongest outposts of Pobedograd, capable of withstanding any mutant or marauder attack, it is located in the former residential area of Novye Cheryomushki. Soldiers of the Engineer Battalions erected the stronghold with multiple pillboxes and a defensive perimeter here. From here, the protagonist can access the secret line of the former Metro-2 which connects this suburb outpost with the center of the city – Felix Dzerzhinsky railway station.

Dzerzhinsky railway station is the largest transportation hub in Pobedograd. Via the secret underground tunnels that connect to the regular railways one can travel as far as Leningrad, Gorky or Novokuybyshev. The Northern Line reaches the surface near the central airport, from there you can take a flight to places inaccessible by train. The hero of the game will visit the part of the station that is off-limits to the general public and serves as a link between the Cheryomushki outpost and the employees’ center of the Ministries of State Security (MGB) and Defense of the USSR.

One can exit the station directly to Khrushchev avenue, a favorite strolling area of the citizens, and then to the Kremlin-2 complex and Victory square, where the famous 3M bomber bearing the designation ‘99 red’ is exhibited. This bomber – more precisely, its crew – decided the outcome of the entire war. Festivities, citizens and military parades are regularly held here.