Q: What about Steam support?
A: Yes, we plan to distribute the game as usual both through retail boxed versions and digitally through Steam.

Q: What are the main features of your game?
A: Nuclear Union is a 3rd person action/RPG in a post-apocalyptic setting. We have reconstructed what could have happened in the world if the Cuban Missile Crisis had erupted into a nuclear war. One of the main features and differences of Nuclear Union is that it shows how a state could have preserved and evolved after a nuclear catastrophe. In the majority of movies and games dedicated to this topic the post-apocalyptic world is shown as a wasteland inhabited by gangs that fight each other. We tried to introduce another point of view. In Nuclear Union the state itself, the USSR, has survived the nuclear war and has adjusted to the new conditions. The player will not only see it in the surrounding but will also feel the leadership of the state and the party while playing the game.

Q: Will the game feature any heavy ordnance (tanks, choppers etc.) the protagonist will drive?
A: Yes, we do plan to have some vehicles in the game. Although these are likely to be non-drivable.

Q: A few words about the game world – will it look more like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro with its gas masks when you climb up onto the surface?
A: The world of Nuclear Union was made to be much more realistic than either of those. Farmers breed cattle and grow vegetables. Workers work in labor-shops. Monsters and animals roam around searching for food, and run away from tougher enemies and hide. Humans and the new world get along together pretty well, even with the radiation. Our key goal is to have the player submerge into this extraordinary world, and let them play an exciting adventure. It’s been a long time since the nuclear war, and people got used to world around them. Most of them carry gas masks only if required.

Q: How versatile is the game weaponry?
A: We are developing a deep system of barrel and gun customizations especially for our fans, which will provide for upgrades of weapons to suit ones’ requirements.

Q: Will the game feature cover system? If yes, will AI use it?
A: The AI will use environmental cover in order to defeat the player. Players will also be able to take cover for protection from attacking fire.

Q: How often will the player face other humans?
A: You will be fighting against humanoids for most of the game. The fights will be tough and require additional training. Human enemies will be early in the game, but further in the game there be more and more mutants.

Q: How are mutants represented in the game? Will they ‘live’ in locations and behave according to their own set of rules?
A: There will be a life simulation system for these creatures. You’ll be able to watch mutant behavior in their natural habitat to determine if they are a threat or not.

Q: Will the game feature trade and money? Can I sell everything I find?
A: Yes, there will be money and trading. You can sell almost anything if a trader has money and is willing to buy it from you.

Q: Will be the SDK released to general public?
A: Speaking from our previous experience with the Men of War engine GEM2, the SDK needs to be released because this extends the life cycle of the game. Our editor is known for its easy learning curve and simplicity of modifying resources. In GEM3, our new engine, we improved the editor further. Now it is more visual than textual editing, we also added a lot of features that make creation of materials, maps and missions clearer.