The USSR vs. USA faceoff known as the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved by force in 1962 as the entire planet became involved in a nuclear war. With half of the Earth’s population dead, almost the entire planet surface became unfit for living due to radioactive contamination.


October 1962 – the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis breaks out, the tense face-off between USSR and USA caused by the stationing of the Soviet nuclear missiles on Cuba.

October 28, 1962 Nikita Khrushchev declines the American conditions to resolve crisis.


How different have the country that faced the devastating nuclear attacks become within these fifty years? While travelling through the suburbs of Pobedograd you will overcome wastelands and swamps, call on some settlements and ruins of cities. Find out more about where you will be heading to and what awaits you on that path.


The Country gives birth to the heroes even in the hardest times. But there are always those who think only about themselves and their profit. And the protagonist will have to meet such individuals. Who is ready to help? Who will leave the party behind? Who can be relied on? And who's the one to stay away from?


If there’s a friend, there’s usual a foe. Life on the surface is hard and full of danger – anyone abandoning Pobedograd is bound to be ready to meet the aggressive environment. And those who made the fight for survival their daily routine.


Nuclear Union will feature unique weapons that will definitely attract attention of the experts. The arsenal of the nuclear apocalypse survivors consists of the best experimental examples of USSR firearms.


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