In the early 1970s, several years after the rapid evacuation of military bases from South and South-West of the Moscow region caused by a sudden growth of anomalous fields, several settlements abandoned by the military were spontaneously settled by people from nearby villages and towns. One of these settlements, situated in the territory of a former large machine shop, was called Garrison.

A man known as Kirovchanin became the head of the local population. His past is unknown but there are rumors that he is a former Soviet Army officer who deserted after some scandalous event and hid among the ruins of Elchansk until military left the area. Garrison strengthened and blossomed under his authority. Perimeter defense fences were repaired, the perimeter breach alarm system was installed, monster traps were built and a special militia squad was created.

Survivors from the whole area came here. A former engineer, Vitaly ‘Mechanic’ Nikonorov, united tech-savvy people and restored the workshops which made the perimeter defense reconstruction possible. Stanislav Petrovich Borevoy, a chemical engineer in the past, exchanged the pestered science institute for a simple life in the countryside and established a small fuel and alcohol production becoming the main source of trade goods for the settlement. Teacher Victor Alexeevich Pokhlebkin created a school for everyone – kids, teenagers and even adults who were raised in early post-war times when the Soviet infrastructure was decimated.

Garrison has been one of the main civilian enclaves in this area for many years. It became a stable and evolving settlement capable of providing means for a normal life for its inhabitants.