Date of birth: 1992
Place of birth: Elchansk / Garrison
Occupation: Active member of Komsomol military unit.
Membership in groups: Komsomol military unit named after comrade Pokhlebkin.

Komsomol member Korchagin meets the protagonist in Elchansk, and under certain circumstances may become the protagonist’s party member.

Pavka Korchagin is a pseudonym; a keen young man took it after reading the book "How the Steel Was Tempered," written by N.A. Ostrovskiy, a Soviet writer of the Civil War times. Nobody, besides his parents, remembers his real name and everyone calls him Pavel, Pavka or Korchagin.

Pavka spent his youth around Elchansk in Garrison. Compliance of the older generation, who pays tribute to the Nagant’s bandits for a quiet life, angers the young people in Garrison. Late teacher Viktor Pokhlebkin in his improvised school taught children to fight injustice and oppression with no remorse. In addition, the warehouse bandits are clearly anti-Soviet elements and eliminating them is the duty of every Soviet citizen, and especially the Komsomol members. Therefore, young men and women of the Garrison’s Komsomol organization created a combat unit to fight against bandits and marauders. The secret headquarters of his party fellows was arranged in a dilapidated building of a former department store.

Pavka has a flexible, but choppy character. He has a lot of future plans, many ideas about his place in society and the unfair world order. He tries to build communications in a smooth way, though, when a conflict is boiling up he boldly charges into it. Pavka believes that honesty in communication is essential. Korchagin wants to look older than he is.

More than anything else Pavel wishes that people would cope with temporary difficulties, overcome devastation, destroy the gangs, and finally, build Communism under the leadership of the Communist Party. If we talk about the personal side, Pavel wants to get to Pobedograd, the heart of a great country, a place where the best people in the world are living, where there are no double-dealers and Nagant gangsters. Korchagin strongly believes that Pobedograd is the best and most beautiful city in the world.