Krechet B.B.

Date of birth: 1955
Place of birth: Krasnodar region
Occupation: MSS Colonel-General
Membership in group: —

Bogdan Bogdanovich Krechet – Colonel-General, MSS General Inspector of Special Intelligence Forces.

The main character will meet Krechet in Pobedograd after the Colonel-General is appointed as his supervisor. Bogdan Krechet is rude and unsentimental and gives the impression of a classic Soviet general from adventure films by "Pobedogradfilm" studio.

Krechet is a character of a soldier who was spared little and received a lot of beatings. Each received wound has become a part of his character. This man used to fight and now can do nothing else. He is searching for enemies even during his sleep. The same thing applies with allies (though he is much more partial towards the allies). General Krechet knows how much power he has and doesn’t hesitate to use it. Parading of the troops is his favorite attraction and all his spare time is spent at the shooting range. The only kind of rest that he recognizes is a Russian bath followed by drinking alcoholic beverages. In his youth Krechet was known as a great womenizer, with age he cooled off, though he continues to flirt.