Date of birth: 1974
Place of birth: N/A
Occupation: Criminal, enemy of the working class
Membership in groups: The Warehousers gang

Makarov, the leader of the warehouse gang, is one of the first characters the player meets.

The Warehousers is not one of those primitive prowler gangs, which spawned in huge numbers in the vicinity of Elchansk and Pozhitkovo following the Great Floods. The faction that occupied the Warehouses is comprised of the type of key assets from any organized crime group and a free Cossack village, Hence it has attracted the most reckless and adventurist local bandits, and allowed them to eliminate all the other competitive gangs in the area.

It all happened due to the charisma and intellect of its leader, an especially dangerous hardened criminal called Makarov. It’s quite possible the real name of this gang leader can be still found in the militia records, but the locals know him by the nick name that became a symbol of ruthless violence for the civilians and crazy luck for fellow bandits. According to one of the most popular songs around the Warehouse area “There’s nothing greater than the lead, and you are dead if you disagree.”

No one would object if told that Makarov is an outlaw and scum. However, he is quite a charming person and might make a good impression on the ones who do not know him very well. He features well-bred speech which shows some educational background, and while it is hard to tell where he got it from, it could be an elementary school, a technical school or it was some prison library.

Since the Makarov gang is the only serious military power out there, and it’s Makarov who is the only person in the area with a helicopter, the protagonist has to deal with the guy on several occasions. Despite the fact that he hates this bandit and wants him dead.

It’s now the player who has the decision power, what path the protagonist will take and how far this forced cooperation with charismatic Makarov will go. After all it is nearly impossible to get to Pobedograd without a chopper, and/or a skillful guide – the largest anomaly fields have crossed out all other possible approach routes.