An aggressive anthropomorphic mutant. Origins of Hunchbacks are not very well studied, but most scientists agree that its appearance can’t be explained by random mutations alone.

These creatures are more likely to be encountered in deserted towns (both on the surface and in various underground locations), but less likely in the countryside (almost always near empty houses or other structures). Outside of settlements, in the open, they are almost impossible to find.

Typically, Hunchbacks aren’t aggressive if you don’t approach them (safe distance is roughly 10-15 meters (33 - 50 ft.)), but it will defend its territory if provoked. Therefore it’s generally inadvisable to shoot or shout near them.

During an attack, a Hunchback rapidly approaches a target to smash it with their large fists, that’s why these mutants are also called “Boxers” sometimes.

Hunchbacks are a serious threat for humans. Do not under any circumstances approach them, and immediately retreat in case of an unexpected encounter.