This hideous creature is commonly referred to as a Swamp Wolf, which of course, is not a scientific name at all. Firstly, it has nothing in common with wolves, it looks more like a mutated worm from a pre-war capitalist comic book. Secondly, it doesn’t dwell only in swamps, it can be encountered even in dry areas. Nevertheless, some people called them Swamp Wolves and the name stuck.

A Swamp Wolf is one of the most dangerous representatives of the Moscow region fauna. It lives in deep water basins and in subterranean waters, so it can emerge almost anywhere – from a river, a swamp and even from soil (if subterranean waters lie close to the surface in that area). They are most commonly found in wetlands and flood plains.

Swamp Wolves are a direct threat to humans. In most cases they tend to hunt alone, but there have been reports about group assaults as well. If Swamp Wolves are seen in a body of water it is imperative to immediately ban swimming and using light water craft there. Population of nearby settlements are to be warned as soon as possible.