Rock Paper Shotgun presents
September 4, 2012

Rock Paper Shotgun shared their views on the game. Enjoy reading and be sure to come back here tomorrow for new screenshots!

On the ruins
August 29, 2012

It’s time for new screenshots. The location is called Department Store A group of garrison Komsomol members (young communists) made a secret fortified HQ in the debris of a former department store. The fortifications are highly important for the lads since they have to constantly repel the attacks of the local bandits who are considered to be the controlling party of the area.

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Today we are presenting you a set of screenshots 1C Company was showing to the press at the GamesCom Games Expo in Cologne, Germany.

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The Iron Web
August 8, 2012

Today we present you the next location – Warehouses

This used to be a cargo union station. Right now bandits headed by someone called Nagant reside here. There’s a mini-market right nearby the entrance to the bandits lair, overseen by several machine-gun emplacements. The protagonist will be able to trade here the stuff he looted in action for guns and ammunition.

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The gallery has been updated with the screenshots depicting one of the first game locations, the so-called Garrison, the protagonist will see.

It used to be a military base in the past, before the war broke out, but after the catastrophe the locals from adjacent villages and settlements started using the site to survive. There’s a small community now in the Garrison, headed by a charismatic leader.

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