These military warehouses located near the former village Pozhitkovo, survived the war and global post-war floods of late 1960s.

‘Survivalists’, which were not welcome in Garrison for various reasons, settled here in the late 1970s. It was a peculiar collective with marauders, deserters and former criminals. They posed little threat for nearby settlements until early 2000, when someone called Makarov appeared (real name unknown).

This charismatic bandit managed to unite and organize the riffraff and created a gang that had to be taken seriously. After several months of bandit terror, nearby settlements admitted defeat and agreed to pay tribute to the bandits.

The warehouses became a citadel under Makarov’s rule. All approaches are now controlled by machine-gunners and armed guards on towers. Inside the ‘citadel’ one can find a criminal heaven including a bar called ‘Sochi’ where Makarov relaxes with his sidekicks. A gladiatorial arena, where captives are put to fight against monsters, provides entertainment.

A small marketplace appeared near the entrance to the citadel under cover from MG nests. One can trade for ammo and weapons here. One of the close companions of Makarov, a bandit called Bomber, created this marketplace to track the economic life of the area and ‘acquire’ more valuable things when needed. This way it is much easier to know what is produced and where, which artifacts were found by inhabitants of the local villages and so on.